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Water proofing Durban-company introduction video


Are you looking for the best waterproofing professionals in Durban? Have you tried many water proofing companies but have they all disappointed you either with their low quality services or high unaffordable rates? Then worry no more because we are the best company in Durban for all your water proofing and roofing solutions. We have been in the industry for more than three decades and with years of experience, our trained and qualified roofers in Durban are on hand to assist with any requirements you may have for quality and affordable waterproofing services. From fixing a leak through to full roof construction, we guarantee to get the job done right, first time. We offer the full range of roofing services and will be happy to discuss any requirements if you need any of the following issues fixed;roof renovations, gutter and weatherboard repairs, roofing maintenance, damp prevention, damp treatment and cure, as well as roof installation. 

We are the best in the business mainly due to our competitive, low-cost rates, and we guarantee the best results.With our experts around, you can't be dissapointed since we take care of your home with utmost care and attention like we would in our own homes. We guarantee that when we are done, your home will be much safe from water or any damage-related to work. We are the best and most-friendly team of waterproofers in Durban. Visit us today at or give us a call on 031 100 1954 for more information.   

Post by antoniodavis (2016-10-12 04:06)

Tags: Waterproofing Cape Town roofing repair Roof repair and maintanance

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